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  1. S

    where do i get these kind of shapes??

    Hello All I believe there is a custom shape like the screen shoot below somewhere i can download it , can someone advise me, please. many thanks in advance
  2. W

    Another new person...

    Hi guys, Just taking a minute to introduce myself to you all. Photography is a hobby of mine, and has been for years, but my PS skill level is somewhere between being dangerous to myself and knowing there is a lot I still need to learn to ever be proficient with it. Nothing particular that I...
  3. M


    Hi all, I'm Mark a 45 year old from Liverpool. Been taking photo's for about 12 years. Mainly into Military Aviation, but also shoot Landscapes, ships and Cityscapes amongst other things. Just signed up for PS CC and i'm loving it!!
  4. E

    Problems with new version of CC

    Hi All, I just joined your forum and hope someone can help me. I am a full time professional photographer specializing in events and corporate work. I have had photoshop CC for about a year and a half and have loved it. Contrary to a lot of folks, I shoot jpeg plus raw, but do most of my...
  5. Paul

    Standard point and shoot images.

    Nikon coolpix S3500 Macro on i cropped it to ask you to guess what it is. :mrgreen:
  6. S

    Hello from Sunnyvale, CA

    Hi there! My name is Silke. I just bought Lori Nordstrom's class on Creative Live and she recommended this group on the first day. I've been shooting since June 2011. Today is actually my 4 year anniversary of my first shoot! You can find me on Facebook here...
  7. E

    photo with nikon d7100 and new tokina 11-16 c and c welcomed

    took this one yesterday , first shoot with the new lens ,
  8. RedneckR0nin

    Back piece tattoo shoot

    Pretty much a couple of the not so nude shots I did last week! Had fun actually photographing something instead of working on edits( I got a ton to still do from this summer!) Hope you all enjoy them!