1. C

    Forum Signature

    Hey guys so I'm looking for a Signature for any Forum! If anyone decides to help, my request is that it be a pinup theme. I love pinup art in all its aspects. I haven't had to request a forum Sig in a long time so if there is anything I missed then please let me know. The max size i can do is...
  2. D

    Forum signature

    Wondering if anyone could create me a moving forum signature. Make it grey background with red writing All it needs to say on one slide is Anubis and underneath that The Golden Jackal then on the next slide put - Buyer - Seller - Middleman that's all! And please make an avatar with the letter A...
  3. R

    Help making an email signature

    I need help making an email signature with the animated text: Merry X-mas & Happy New Year I'd like the whole look and feel to be more hipsterish and trendy like this example (feel free to go crazy): I also need it with the inclusion of the attached image and some pictures of labrador...
  4. T

    Please remove everything in picture except 'Ferko' signature.

    I would like to extract the Ferko signature from this logo. Whenever I try it does not look good, nor does it scale very well. Any help is appreciated.
  5. MoltresRider

    Signature does not show

    I created a signature on this forum but my signature does not show up on ANY of my posts, NOT EVEN new posts made AFTER the time I created and uploaded the signature
  6. inkpad.t

    new matte painting

    Matte painting of a girl being abandon in a decaying forgotten town, Image is low res, original size and res in signature.
  7. A

    Forum Signature Wanted.

    Hi guys I’de like to get a forum signature done up for me. It needs to be 555 pixels by 125 pixels i want to use this image and have my name (Aur0xx) in a cool font to match the assassins creed theme. i want to have a black background. i would like to have a little bit of shape to the...
  8. E

    Selecting a Signature from Photo

    Hello! Yes questions seems to be my favourite thing here doesn't it? Haha I have been asked to selected a signature out of a paper image, simple stuff I realised. Now my only concern is that when I look at the image at 100%, the edges are very jagged, especially when I try to apply colour...
  9. LemonLuuk

    Wiz khalfia Signature

    Tips and tricks are welcome!
  10. LemonLuuk

    Clover signature

    Just for fun.
  11. LemonLuuk

    Wiz Khalifa signature

    Tips&tricks are welcome.
  12. C

    Gemini eSports are looking for Graphic Designer

    Hi everyone we are a new former multigaming, created by some friends that play and know eachothers for almost 10 years now. To get our project started we are in need of someone who can make us Banners / Logo / Avatars and has some creativity and good skills with Photoshop. As i said we are new...
  13. P

    Help me with logo plz!

    Hey guys! I want a cool Youtube channel signature. MY initials are PG which stands for ProfessionalGaming. I have found a cool logo, which I want modified (logo found below). I want my logo to look like that one, I only want O in OG to be extended so it will look like PG instead of OG. My...
  14. E

    Buying forum signature.

    Hello ladies and gent's. Been looking around for a place where I can request some work done when I stumbled upon this forum. This looks like a nice community so I decided to ask for some help here. 1. What type of work is needed? Forum signature. 2. What is your budget? 20-50$. 3. A...
  15. Hinchin

    How to: make one object change it size due to another in Batch mode

    Hi Guys, I have a questions, I was tried to google it, but I have no idea how to write the request in short understandable way. I need to do following. I want to create Action to use it in Batch. The Action should put my signature on photo, and signature should be adopted to the size of...
  16. B

    What your opinion for the first try

    So this is my first time trying something like this Can you tell me where can i improve it!? :confused:
  17. TravisHD

    Another Forum Signature Tutorial - Smudge Brush + More

    Another forum signature video tutorial using smudge brush, blending modes and more! Final Result
  18. TravisHD

    Forum Signature Video Tutorial

    Use of smudge brush and blending modes!
  19. Klarth


    I made it a while ago. Thoughts?