1. M

    Adding a person to another photo

    I need help adding the woman in the middle of the three girls to the picture of me on the bike but her being behind me (not on the bike behind me). Please and thank you so much.
  2. Z

    Picture with the bride?!

    Dear Community, I hope you can help me solve my problem. At my wedding we took the obligatory family pictures, however I missed to ask the photographer for a picture of just my sister and I. My sister is now suuuuuuuper sad and I feel really bad for being such a crappy sibling, so I was...
  3. X

    Need Help tracing a photo of my dad + sister

    I'm looking for help tracing this photo of my dad and sister. I'm looking to have just a simple black and white so it looks kind of like my fail but with some better detail and no back round. I'm looking to have a T-shirt made for my dads 60th. Thank you in advance!