1. Z

    Are there any methods to resize images automatically with the given in photoshop ?

    Hi Gurus, Is there any method to automatically resize images in Photoshop ? i need to resize lot of images from huge sizes to a particular sizes.Its taking me hell lot of time to use the transform tool while holding the shift key to make the resize perfect. Are there any simple methods to resize...
  2. gautamz07

    Illustrator AI not showing the correct font sizes

    Hey guys , i have been used to using PS , but recently a designer built a website layout in AI. Now when i click on the nav fonts i see a font size of 8px , that can't be possibly right ? can somebody tell me what can i do to get the correct font sizes used ? Thank you. Gautam.
  3. C

    Storing sizes, locations, etsc.

    I have searched the registry with no luck. Where does PS store window sizes, locations, etc?
  4. M

    How to Cut Up a Long Image and Resize the Chunks

    Hi - I have a very long image that needs to be cut into individual frames of varying sizes. Those sizes all need to be batch resized to 1080p. If I "Cut Via Layer", the entire canvas is included in my cut. I need to create simple JPG files of those cuts, at their respective sizes, to be resized...
  5. iDad

    Commonly Used Paper Sizes Listed by Country

    THIS IS A VERY HANDY reference for sizes. I'm always forgetting sizes when I read A4, A5.etc and to convert inch to metric equivalents, and much more also a good resource page to save! Guide to International Paper Sizes
  6. C

    Trouble with print sizes

    Hello! I'm using Mac (Snow Leopard), CS5, and Epson Printer. When I have an image I want to print at 11x14", it ends up slightly oversized. For example, for the first test set the crop tool to 11x14 and cropped the image as I wanted it. When I printed this, the actual ink-on-paper was...
  7. ibclare

    Attachment Size: can't find the max sizes listed

    I have a scanner issue and wanted to load a psd to show the problem (600 almost looks better than 1200) but when I upload, it gets rejected. It's ~21 M. What is the max and where do I look please? Another issue re: scanners. Mine only has jpeg, bitmap, png and a few other file types. These are...
  8. T

    Photoshop sizes dont match

    Hi guys, im new to photoshop and am having a really wierd issue. I want to create an A4 size .psd file so i can create a poster for my business, but the problem is the sizes dont match. I choose to create a new document, set it to A4 with 300dpi, and what it does is it creates this HUGE...