1. S

    Remove Person

    Good Morning Forum! Thank you so much for helping me with the following editing : attached is a photo of my son jumping over his aunt into the pool. As adorable as the aunt is, can you please remove her from the image? I am wanting the image to show just my son jumping into the pool. My...
  2. Y

    Please photoshop my son onto the moon

    Can somebody please photoshop my son and his gruffalo onto the moon for his nursery project [img]
  3. K

    For my wife

    Can anyone Photoshop a cigarette and beer on my son? Cigarette in his left hand, beer in his right hand? Then I want to share it with my wife who will find it funny. Thanks!
  4. agentmoeller

    My hero... son.
  5. K

    Help my son feel better please...

    Hi! If any of you gurus could assist me with this, it would be most appreciated! I have tried and failed miserably. My son is currently in the hospital and undergoing treatment for leukemia (Acute Lymphoblastic). He's recently lost most of his hair and is feeling pretty down about it...
  6. R

    Family Photo Help

    Hi there, I am hoping someone would be able to help me out. My girlfriend who is working on her photography skills took some wonderful photos of my family. The catch she wasn't able to get a great shot of all of us, understandable as my son is 7 months old and lets be honest taking great pics...
  7. M

    Image Edit request {Free}

    My mom was in town last weekend and I'd like to make the pictures of her and my son and niece really pop and have a better look to them than just snapshots. I picture a solid background free of distractions, eyes popping and even skin tones. :) Both my son and my niece have dark brown eyes and I...
  8. M

    Need help for my son to make crisp clean lines using Photoshop with his Wacom tablet

    Joined to help my Autistic son use his Waccom tablet and Photoshop but need help. I hope some of you experts out there in the Photoshop world can assist me in some questions I have about older versions of Photoshop vs new, how to use with a Wacom Cintiq 12wx, and possibly if I can get a student...
  9. T

    I need help creating a birthday invitation for my son.

    Hello All, I am a first time poster and calling myself a novice in Photoshop would be giving me too much credit. However, I attempted to do this myself with disastrous results. Below is the "template" of what I would like to use. I would like to make the following changes preferably using...