1. B

    Kicking & Screaming......

    Hello All! :hi: New here, obviously! I'm a retired Pro Photographer who trained and operated through the 1960's and 70's. I'm now retired but still do Digital photography as a hobby with Pentax Equipment, K20D and K-S2 plus various lenses. I've been dragged into the digital world, and quite...
  2. D

    I need a house photoshopped please

    We have this house, its not been lived in for years and now needs redone paint wise and i just want images how it would look in different colours. The house is in South Africa and we want it to be in keeping with the Cape Dutch style I have attached 3 photos. Please give it a nice coat of white...
  3. P

    Hi ... my name is Poppie and I live in South Afria

    I am new to forums and to Photoshop.
  4. Tom Mann

    Gone fishin' (...hiking, actually)

    Headed south last weekend, meeting up with some friends and heading north next weekend. Should be around during the week. The only camera I brought was the one in my iPhone cuz it also has all my topo maps, GPS, and serves as an emergency communications device -- what a great invention! Tom M
  5. R

    new member form south of France

    Hi everyone, I'm ReM, 38, french photographer I'm from Perpignan - south of France and I found the forum this morning. I'm very happy to post here. See you
  6. D

    New to the group

    Hi guys, David from South Carolina US.... nice to meet ya'll. :)
  7. Positronic

    Greetings from down South

    Hello everyone. 27 years old, working as a Cisco Switch Admin at a chemical refinery down here in the south, but will be returning to college soon to pursue my degree in Nursing (male nurse what what). Always had a love for Photoshop but have never really gotten as proficient with it as I'd...
  8. V

    Hello from South Africa

    Hi everyone, I am Victor Soares from Nelspruit in South Africa. I use PS CS5 and have a fair knowledge of the program. I use PS mostly for touching up and editing my wildlife photography as well as still life photography. Hope to learn a lot from all of you. Cheers for now Victor
  9. K

    [REQUEST] South Park and Simpsons version of me.

    Hello! I'm new to the forums :). And I was wondering, If anyone could make a South Park and/or Simpsons version of me, since I don't have photoshop nor don't know, how to use it. (I'm 13, so no need to be harsh :) ) That is my picture: I know that picture is slighly odd, but thats because its...