1. R

    Ocean touch up - remove algae or darker spots

    Hi, looking for any advice - not an actual edit. This shot has some algae or discoloration in the water in many spots, most notably in the bottom third. I've tried a few different ideas with mixed luck. I am wary of a straight clone or heal as it may take some time. Any ideas on how to...
  2. Coffee_Girl

    How can i remove the spots from this image?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am wondering how I can remove the little orange spots on this image? I tried to paint over it with paintbrush but it leaves weird discolorations that look really ugly lol. Is there a way to remove the spots but keep the image seamless as if the spots...
  3. R

    How to remove brown spots

    Hello I have problem with large brown spots over the image. I was photographing northern lights with canon 5D MKII, ISO800, 10s and later discovered nasty spots over the whole image. I made several shots and all these pictures have the same problem. I show there only part of the picture to get...
  4. MikeMc


    darn....that is nice...I really wanted to say something else. Working on a retouch project...Normal spots and crud, normal fixes. About 2 hours into working L to R I got to this pinstriped suit...Spots everywhere...any ideas to save me a few hours to get rid of those spots??
  5. N

    white spots on black background

    I am using photoshop elements 7. I consistently have problems when I use paintbucket or paintbrush to make the background or a figure black. It looks okay in a photoshop format but once its made into jpeg tiny white or gray spots appear. I wonder what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help?:sad: