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  1. S

    How to erase background of phone case mockup but keeping camera and volume buttons

    Hi, The basic idea is to just erase the background of phone cover but retaining the camera selection and other buttons (point as arrows), so that i could be able to insert multiple pictures and save them. please guide me from start to end and step by step how to achieve this. I am using PS CS6...
  2. S

    Photoshop request

    Hi Guys. Had every intention of learning how to do this myself, but i am to slow at picking things up. Could someone possibly take me off of this couch and stick me on the Naughty Step a few steps up would be great.
  3. S

    Passat R36

    Hi, I did this today... comments and critique are welcome :)
  4. K

    Step by Step Tutorial

    This is my first post on these forums and I hope I am posting in the correct one. I saw this photo and I would like to ask someone much more experienced than me with Photoshop to please explain the simplest way possible to put a gradient between the image of the jet, and the reflection of the...
  5. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How To Use The Pathfinder In Adobe Illustrator

    Learn How To Use The Pathfinder In Adobe Illustrator with this quick tutorial. I will teach you how to cut out holes in other shapes, how to combine shapes and much more in this simple tutorial that you can follow step by step no matter your skill level...
  6. Eggy

    3D Blender - Vintage Gas Pump

    I'm getting there, step by step... Please do comment, but keep in mind I'm a newbie at this...
  7. J

    "Step Backward" in Photoshop CS6

    How to increase the number of times that "Step Backward" can be used when editing a photo in Photoshop CS6? Is it enough to enter the desired number in "History States"? Thank you in advance for your help. JoeJ
  8. Rpbin

    How to add a pic to a new layer

    Hi, I have added a pic to the bg layer, but I'm stuck as how to add a new pic to the layer above. I want to make the new pic semi-transparent so it looks as tho the girl is being reflected in the polished bronze surface. I have attached a shot of the girl on the bg layer and a shot of the...
  9. D

    Realistic Grain/Airbrush look

    How does one achieve results like the below? Noise/graphic pen/dissolve etc always seem to create far less organic results. Is there some other step or process?
  10. M

    Changing dress's color

    Can anyone help me with this problem. I want to turn this dress into white without damaging all the patterns but it seems impossible. I really appreciate if anyone can help me with this problem and show me step by step how to do this. Thank you so much
  11. H

    Please can someone explain me step by step how to do the following masking on Ps CS6!

    The following paragraph describe the first layer from the top. The first icon of the first layer from the top is the the scratching texture, the second icon represent the first mask done from the Layers panel (and it masks a gradient), and there is a second mask which is created by dragging from...
  12. B

    How to easily remove tourists from your travel photos?

    Step 1 - Set your camera on tripod. Step 2 - Take a picture about every 10 seconds until you have 15 or more shots. Step 3 - Open all images in photoshop by going to File>Scripts>Statistics. Choose "median" and select the photos you shot with your camera. Step 4 - Photoshop finds what is...
  13. L

    problems in this effect

    hello guys.i am new in photoshop and i have some problems with this tutorial.please help me if you can it is so necessary. first,in step 2,how should i cut those parts so they become in that...
  14. J

    Printing Question

    I'm trying to print an ID badge made up of 2 separate multi-layered Photoshop documents - one document is the badge front; the second document is the badge back. Need a step by step explanation as to how to print this as a single 2-sided document/badge. I have the special badge-type "teslin"...
  15. J

    Patterns in Photoshop CS6

    Am having trouble concluding the exercise here-under for using patterns in Photoshop CS6. In the attached picture, I would like to use a pattern for changing the surface of the pathway in the middle of the picture, this purely as an exercise to teach myself how to use patterns. I am getting...
  16. S

    Foil bag mockup

    Hi, I'm trying to make a mockup for a snack bag (foil pouch). Could anyone guide me step by step
  17. Yahyaoui

    Design Overdose

    So many loved my last work. I got so many requests to do another one. So here it is, the crew is here. :D
  18. M

    how to create a border around a logo

    Does anyone know how to achieve this type of look with a logo I'm making the DJ one, I'm thinking maybe by adding a stroke but not sure ? if anyone can help with a step by step
  19. Yahyaoui

    Adobe Photoshop Pill

    Take this pill and you will master Photoshop in 30 minutes Just having fun with Photoshop, 3Ds Max and Keyshot I hope you like it
  20. G

    Please assist a friend...

    I have a friend who has a brush in the middle of the Background layer each time he opens a new blank box in CS# Photoshop Extended. Can you tell me a step by step so I can help him and learn what he did? Thank you, G