1. M

    Hey I'm Steve

    Hi My name is Steve, Monkey to my friends. I live in the UK in Norwich and have been messing about with Photoshop a fair bit recently.. I came across this site and thought I could learn some new stuff as you can never learn too much can you? Anyway, just wanted to say hi
  2. S

    PhotoShop CC stroke fill no color

    Not sure anyone care read the above image. I couldn't figure out how to make it larger....Oh well. If you can read the above image I hope you can help me out. Thanks Steve
  3. T

    Newbie question about cropping and most probbably a stupid one at that.

    I am leaning Ps CC to do photo manipulations, and in doing so I end up with many layers with images that extend outside the image area. Up until now I have just been saving these as jpeg's and then get them printed into what ever size I need without cropping. I would like to know is there an...
  4. dv8_fx

    Regarding our Senior Administrator. ...

    There had been questions raised and concern among members regarding the whereabouts of Steve , our Senior Administrator. It is with deep regret to inform everyone in the forum that he has stepped down from his position due to personal reasons. He gave notice of his resignation last February...
  5. Paul

    Happy Birthday to you

    Steve :bustagut:
  6. iDad

    Steve Jobs.......R.I.P

    :cry: I know many here don't do apple products or could care less but to those who do just a bit of FYI Apple has posted a memorial page for Steve Jobs and is inviting people to “share your thoughts, memories, and condolences” via email.
  7. Paul


    I thought the boss needed a face lift, hes looking old/ i mean tired:wink: lately.