1. M

    Ebay Computer Store Logo PLEASE!

    Hey everyone, I just need a new logo for a computer ebay store. As you can tell, im terrible at drawing.. But if you guys could help make this example better. I would like the same font style if possible but you guys are the artist, go nuts, because anything is better than this! Lol. Thanks in...
  2. S

    Please create a logo for me.

    i am new to the site and i am trying to see if I can get a logo made for a store i am going to be opening, it is an online store. i like something like this one doesn't have to have the kid in it or anything, the store name is going to be Spoiled1. like your are the spoiled one. it is going to...
  3. F

    Extracting color samples

    Hello, I am new at this so thanks for helping me out. I am making a fiber art portrait from a photograph. I need to duplicate the colors in the photo with fabric. I know in Corel you can select the eyedropper, click on the image, and produce a sample of the color to then print out and take to...
  4. IamSam

    Your opinion of Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.3

    I'm not one for upgrades. When an OS is working well with the hardware you currently have, upgrading can often be a disaster. I have recently been considering a video editing program to help me with creating video tutorials. The program I want requires Mac OS 10.9 or better............. Mac OS...
  5. hershy314

    New Chapter

    For years now I've toyed with the idea of running my own business. Recently the opportunity to do so has come up. I'm taking what little money I have left, plus the help of my folks to open up an old country store near my house. Currently having trouble finding trouble finding suppliers close...
  6. C

    Storing sizes, locations, etsc.

    I have searched the registry with no luck. Where does PS store window sizes, locations, etc?
  7. nachofrades

    Two usefull links

    A color picker with multiple functions always on top, essential for me. The perfect texture store for free and professional use. It's only for informative purposes, it's not my bussiness :cool2:
  8. TravisHD

    StyleShop Red E-Commerce Design

    StyleShop is an e-commerce website design I am working on. The main focus on the home page are the large images of whatever the store would want to show, with a big focus on showcasing the photography. Further down would showcase the featured and latest products as well as some social sharing...