1. Grayson Smith

    Replace Sky/Add Mist

    Post your favorite ways to replace the sky and add mist/fog
  2. Paul

    Rogue one

    This looks better than the Force Awakens, can't beat a bit of sword play against a storm trooper can you? :mrgreen:
  3. iDad

    I don't know about you but

    When I'm heading anywhere, falling snow does not entice me to arrive there to soon.a daily snow storm here is getting obnoxious, happy new year.
  4. S

    Lightning From Scratch

    In this video, Deke McClelland shows you how to create a base for realistic lightning which you can then tweak for your own purposes. You will need to make an account at his site to access the video, but its all free...
  5. R

    Taking something out of an image.

    I tried doing this, and it took only 5-10 mins max But heres the before picture As you can see there's a woman standing in the middle, so I tried taking her out, for practice: Do you think I did a good job? I notice some faults, but it was really quick, just for introductory purposes for this...