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  1. H

    Specific Architectural placing of house on a parking lot

    I need this building to be placed in this gravel parking lot. Height should be right where the 90 degree edge starts on the brick building in front. And lengthwise should be all the way back to the gravel lot and to the cameras perspective. This is an “architectural rending” so I need it to look...
  2. C

    Hello From Tornado Alley

    Hello Everyone, I am just now starting on my photoshop journey and I have to admit I am intimidated by the sheer volume of knowledge it requires to take advantage of what this powerful software has to offer. I am happy to have stumbled across this forum on one of my many internet searches...
  3. A


    After a really long time without taking the camera, i decided to go to the street and make some photos, so any comment and critique are welcome, i need a lot of practice XD This one is not in the street, is just a casual photo i take to my father in the terrace, natural light, i want him to...
  4. gedstar

    An enormous crane has collapsed onto a Manhattan street

    More info below
  5. dv8_fx

    Challenge 34 (Advanced) SUBMISSION THREAD - Street Art

    Thank you, chrisdesign for creating this new challenge. To all eager participants... UPLOAD YOUR ENTRIES HERE. All entries will be hidden and can only be viewed during the voting period. For new members and first time challenge participants, please refer to the challenge guidelines...
  6. chrisdesign

    Challenge 34 Street Art (Advanced)

    Hi everyone. Challenge 34 (Advanced) is about Street Art. You have to decorate this attached image with your personal Street Art. You may only use this image, or you will not qualify in this contest. This challenge starts Monday February 1st 2016 and ends Sunday February 14th 2016 at 11:59...
  7. Steve

    Look what I saw on my street.

    Poorly cropped pic I took on my phone, I could barely see the scene but still pretty cool,
  8. J

    Changing night to day with photoshop

    At 76 years, an oldage civil service pensioner, but still a computer newbie and a slow learner, would greatly appreciate a step-by-step method to change a street day scene into night? I use Photoshop CS5. JoeJ (from a central Mediterranean Island-State)
  9. rasoN

    My song: Rason : Frost Street Instrumental

    Hello guys, I want to show you my latest song (guitar) its kind of blues. Enjoy and rate please :)