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  1. G

    Morning Sky

    This is my first attempt and anything close to digital friend Dempsey makes a good subject. Actually, this was a lot of fun to do. GeorgeB
  2. J

    Idea how to accomplish this

    So I have a customer that asked me to do a photo shoot of their senior this week. She had a specific request that her son's senior picture looks similar to her father' senior picture. I have two pictures here on of a current subject and the picture of her dad that was taken in 1969. I was...
  3. P

    lighten only one side of a photo

    My sister has a photo that was taken from outside a car window so on the right its nice and light but the subject on the right is dark I need to lighten only the right side how would i do that?
  4. C

    Is it possible for a non-professional to do this? If so, how?

    Hi gurus, New here and just wanted to know whether it is possible for a non-professional using PS or Gimp to create a picture like the one below from a picture that was shot in similar pose but in a bathroom with white walls? More than do you get that weird effect where you can see a...
  5. R

    How to have light emanating from my body

    I would like to do an effect where the only light source in an image is emanating from a subject. I have tried using the lighting effects filter but it tends to put the area surrounding the light in darkness, I don't want that I just want it to seem like all the light in the image is coming...
  6. Paul

    News of the world.

    Basically take a story from any media outlet and make a mockery of the subject matter - be gentle mind:bustagut: :eek: No need for real quality this is a chop it like you stole it challenge:bustagut:
  7. agentmoeller

    Combining multiple images

    Back for a minute. Wondering if anyone knows how I can combine 5 variations of an image (think five photos of the same subject at different exposures, for example) so that I get the detail that each individual image contains. This is for photographs of the night sky. Thanks.
  8. Z

    What is your current/dream specialist design subject?

    Hey guys! I have a burning question for you all, this can apply to anyone on the forum, new and old, it's mainly a get to know you session, just to get an idea of who's who. -What is your specialist design subject? -Or what specialist subject are you currently working towards? -How did you...
  9. J

    how can i make a person holding a subject an look realistic?

    how can i make a person holding a subject an look realistic? i try to google there no video to such tutorial anyone can guide me ?
  10. J

    Subtle noisy halftone pattern

    Hey again guys! Just wondering if anyone could advise here. Been mucking around with halftones today, saw this image posted somewhere previously with the author claiming it was a halftone. From my understanding the halftone patterns look more "honeycomby", made up of lots of gridded dots - this...
  11. M

    Request - combine sequence of images of someone jumping into pool

    Hi,I am looking for a tutorial on combining multiple images of some one jumping into a pool. I have tried stacking images, converting them to smart objects and using stack mode. The best I could find was using "mean", but when using 2 images I found where the background was the same everything...
  12. E

    Colour subject with B&W background help

    Many moons ago I was able to do this edit in a previous version of Photoshop. But I seem to have lost my way on it again, So im hoping you guru's can help me to recall how its done. I want to have a COLOUR subject against a B&W background. from what I recall you have to create a second layer...
  13. chrisdesign

    Challenge 26: Magic Christmas Window

    In this challenge you have to try to leave the traditional christmas pattern and replace it with new creative ideas on the subject. my example This challenge ends on the 18th Dezember 2014, midnight GMT. Have fun! Regards Chris.
  14. J

    Background Hue / Subject stands out???

    I want to be able to recreate my wrestling team's photos to look like the main photo on (shown below)... I have been able to remove the backgrounds and make it look like a black and white image in the background and the main subject is color, but do not know how to give it...
  15. B

    black spot in over subject w/glasses eye

    I am by no means very professiant in photoshop, but do know a thing or two. I took several pictures of my daughter (who wears glasses) and there is a black spot over one eye. I am assuming that it has something to do with glare from the flash on the glasses. I have photoshop elements 7. Can...