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Hey guys!

I have a burning question for you all, this can apply to anyone on the forum, new and old, it's mainly a get to know you session, just to get an idea of who's who.

-What is your specialist design subject?
-Or what specialist subject are you currently working towards?

-How did you find yourself specializing in this subject?

-What has motivated you to keep at it?

-Do you have any examples of your work to show?

Your specialist area doesn't necessarily have to be including Photoshop as the pivotal tool here, your camera and a good lighting set up might be all you need.

For example, My current specialist design subject is 3D modelling and texturing for games.

I came across 3d Modelling as my main subject over a year ago in my A level Graphic Design course, I wanted to think outside of the box compared to my classmates, so I looked into using 3dsmax for some of the parts of my composition. I've been texturing game assets since 2012.
I'm on 3dsmax nearly every day, so I've been getting plenty of practice in, it was initially very hard to get used to, because I was so used to thinking in 2d, but once I grasped it, I had grasped it for life.
I was texturing game assets at the age of 15, my comprehensive knowledge of photoshop by this point had helped me achieve very high quality textures to upgrade the 2001 game Ghost Recon. The project too approximately a year of solid texturing after school to complete

My primary motivation is seeing the models and textures take form, and Every day I'm learning. These days I find myself more and more surprised at how quickly I can learn new things.

I've currently found my place in an Arma 3 modding team, building character models and accessories, as well as a weapon, for the game, and I have been previously approached by Indie Game Devs to help them with their character design.

This is my most recent project, and this is also my first weapon project.

Other work examples:

Hand created face textures:
in_the_light_by_zeealex-d8ok40m.jpg 107410_2015-04-13_00002.png

so the questions above are there to be answered. where do you stand in the creative arts?
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From someone who hasn't yet ventured into the 3D features of photoshop, I'm not sure I'd the person you wanted to answer but love the textures on the faces.

What did you start with?

A get to know you?
I work from home (couple of ankle-biters to look after) in design-for-print. The work I do is primarily InDesign led: programmes/brochues/magazines but I'm looking to expand that. And in doing so expand my knowledge base hence me hanging about here. I've merely brushed (if you'll pardon the pun) the surface of what photoshop can do and am here to disprove that a (40+) old dog CAN learn new tricks ;-)