1. E

    Specific Quick Fix

    Can someone get the instagram little person logo in the left corner out of these two pictures? Just a quick fix. Thanks so much! Mod edit: Per the rules, only one edit per request.
  2. A

    Hello from Denmark

    Happy to be here. not gonna lie i jointed because i have some small probably ridiculously simple thing's i hope someone cab make. I tried i suck :)
  3. U

    convert all black areas into dark square or circle and draw a small line (3

    convert all black areas into dark square or circle and draw a small line (3 cm) intersecting it horizontally in all psd files. black Numbers appears vertically from 0.5-1 in Photoshop scale.
  4. R

    Please remove the light on my nose..

    Hi good day. i just want to remove that small light on my nose, that's it, thank you.
  5. K


    A small request, could someone please make the background on the attached transparent? Thanks so much!!!
  6. P

    Easy Photo Request

    Hi, this is my first request. I need to remove the big "preview" watermark in the center and the small one on the top, im making this request because this is for a gift to my girlfriend.
  7. chrisdesign

    3D Spiral Staircase

    This job started as a BLENDER exercise, getting to know the 'array modifier'. Finally I ended up creating a small work of art. Comments are very welcome.
  8. C

    Digital/Halftone type effect. How can I recreate this?

    Hi everyone, new here but not to Photoshop, wanting some input on how I could go about recreating this effect? I'm not even 100% sure what to google, it's sort of a digital halftone effect, not sure what else to call it. Creating a halftone and overlaying it doesn't quite produce the same...
  9. B

    Small correction to Battle Axe picture

    Hello, I need small correction to the image below. I want that Battle Axe handle to be straight, instead of curved. Could someone please help with that? Length and wide stays the same. If handle becomes little longer because of that however- no problem :)
  10. H

    (CC) F-button actions fail in full screen when coming from 2nd screen

    Hello all, Since version CC i have this problem with using my action programmed F buttons, when coming from my 2nd monitor. This problem only appears in full screen mode. I'll try to describe it more clearly.. I always work in full screen mode (f button once) because i hate to be distracted...
  11. C

    Odd Ghostly image.

    Got permission from my friend to post this here. There appears to be an odd ghostly arm holding the little girl under the chin. Sorry the image is small but does anyone have any ideas on what it could be?
  12. L

    Hello from an old codger

    I am not very mobile and spend much of my time scanning old colour slides and negatives, converting the images into black and white and trying to produce acceptable, artistic results. In addition, I do a small amount of recovery of old photographs which is interesting. See you around folks.
  13. B

    Hello from beautiful Montreal

    Hello, I have been into photography since 1988, switched to digital in 2007. I have been using Lightroom since 2009, and wanted to use Photoshop, but it was so expensive back in the day, I could not justify the expense. With Adobe Cloud services, I can now have it and Lightroom for a small fee...
  14. BenceDusa

    Hello there.

    Hello guys! A'am verry happy to be a member of this Photoshop forum. I live in Cyprus but am from Hungary. I using photoshop since 2014, but i need to learn more and more, actually on this 2 year almost i learn nothing, because i just use for very small works, but now i want to get my skill a...
  15. Eggy

    A Monks Path

    Yep, me again... I used and some small stuff to make
  16. P

    Would someone edit a pic for me. Small Detail

    would be cool if someone could help me through pm, as its something personal. thanks
  17. Eggy

    Pay The Ferryman

    On a rainy day and bored out of my mind I started with and some small stuff to get Please do comment...
  18. A

    Product photography: Jewelry post-processing tips.

    Hello everyone! Jewelry product photography has proven out to be very hard as the products themselves reflect everything, easily become smudged and on top of that are very small. My current job involves photographing lots of small jewelry for e-commerce purposes. I have gotten a bit better on...
  19. L

    Redo or Photoshop our logo

    Hi all you gurus! We have small association in Finland called suomen jättikasvisyhdistys (Finnish gianvegetables association) our page is there We are going to do giant banner ( about 2x3 m 6.5x10 ft) and our logo is very messy. Originally is lost somewhere:( As you...
  20. gautamz07

    Illustrator Cut a circle , but don't want the border that comes with it

    Hey guys , bee flirting with AI for a while now , so i have this small circle and i want to make it a semi circle to , i just place a rectangle over it and click on "minus front" , look below: ( you can see the square placed above , over the small circle. ) Now after i click on "minus front"...