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  1. D

    Paid New building into an old and crumbling one. 5$

    Can you please make this building look like its old and crumbling? I have attached reference images of how it should look. broken gate and windows, cracked walls with no plaster and trees growing out of it. black and green moss growing.
  2. S

    Background changing

    Can u please Change the background with some sort of town area with buildings n all
  3. hershy314

    Days Gone By

    I got the idea for this from watching an episode of American Pickers. Plus I've always had a soft spot for old rusty vehicles and abandoned buildings.
  4. S

    Me again with the Airplane

    Hi again, Would it be possible to lose all the buildings in the background horizon of this photo? Also, maybe a bit trickier, but lose the patch of grass in the bottom right, to make it all runway? Could it be possible to see just the buildings gone, and one of both gone. Thanks in advance...
  5. chrisdesign

    Smoke over New York City

    The goal of this exercise was to improve texture mapping, particularly to match the rooftops of the adjoining buildings. Before After
  6. S

    Making nice splash backgrounds

    Hello, I am making some wonders for Civ 5 game and I need to place splash design behind my buildings, as in original: As noticed, there are beautiful sun rays behind the building which I need to create from scratch, please someone can give me a hint on what tools to use or direction to...
  7. Z

    What is your current/dream specialist design subject?

    Hey guys! I have a burning question for you all, this can apply to anyone on the forum, new and old, it's mainly a get to know you session, just to get an idea of who's who. -What is your specialist design subject? -Or what specialist subject are you currently working towards? -How did you...
  8. N

    Hello I am Noods a Newbie to forums in general.

    Hi to all members. May I introduce myself. My name is Noods. I am a newbie to forums n general. I am nearly an ex photographer now, having enjoyed photographing Architecture for many trouble free years I, having fallen foul of the tripod police to many times, have given up after endless hassle...