1. chrisdesign

    3D Circular Motion

    Playing some more with 'Blender 3D'. FYI I'll be on a cruise in Norway for the next two weeks, starting monday.
  2. P

    Need help please! (Marriage proposal pic!)

    Hi everyone, First of all let me just say that I have seen many of your works and just WOW at the things you can do in minutes that would take me weeks! I have proposed to my gf of 10 years a couple of weeks ago and simply want to combine one picture with the other. The pic in question with...
  3. W


    Hi all, I'm a part time wedding photographer with a very good knowledge of lightroom, but a rookie when it comes to photoshop. I've started to get into PS a bit these past few weeks, but the more I play, the more I see this vast horizon of potential spread bewilderingly out infront of me...
  4. Z

    3D 9k35 Strela 10 (Surface to Air Missile Launcher)- 3D gaming model

    So I was really pleased with this model, made over the past few weeks, finally getting around to sharing it with you guys. This is the 9k35 Strela 10, or SA-13 Gopher to anyone using NATO codenames. It's a russian Surface to Air Missile (SAM) launcher based on the MTLB platform, I modelled it...
  5. Z

    What is your current/dream specialist design subject?

    Hey guys! I have a burning question for you all, this can apply to anyone on the forum, new and old, it's mainly a get to know you session, just to get an idea of who's who. -What is your specialist design subject? -Or what specialist subject are you currently working towards? -How did you...
  6. J


    Nice to Meet you guys,My name is Julian and i basically learn Photoshop around 2 weeks or 3 weeks. So this is my Result,Learning photoshop :) Well Cheers :cheesygrin:
  7. I

    I have 2 to nail this style

    Well folks, spring break is here and I've got a few weeks to really get down to it and learn this style. Aside from being a very gifted headshot photographer, I really enjoy this photographers style and would love to learn exactly how to achieve this look - then play around with it. I've...
  8. A

    This week's free flyer template :)

    Just released this: Check it out: FlyerHeroes | Free PSD Flyer Templates & Photoshop Resources
  9. Burned Ice

    going on holiday to france 2 weeks

    hey guys, i wont be online for 2 weeks 'cause i'm going on vacation to the middle of nowhere in france to observe stars (no i can't take a hd camera with me), sadly enough, i haven't been active recently due to the divorcement of my parents (is going on for 2 years now), my mom has got...