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  1. S

    Photoshop glitch?

    I have been using a technique to remove chromatic aberrations in PS cc 2017 (Ctrl+J, Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur, change layer option to 'color', add a mask, and finally Ctrl+I). It has been working beautifully until recently. Photoshop froze on me the other night and the only way I could exit...
  2. G

    Keyboard Shortcuts Issue

    Until now I have never had the need to create my own Keyboard Shortcuts. I have several Workspaces that I switch between often so I thought that might be a good candidate for shortcuts. All went well in creating new keystroke combinations in Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus > Application...
  3. Eggy

    3D HIGH/LOW 3D Typography

    This is the last of a serie of easy ones. After this I'm starting with some more challenging 3D Typography. I worked based on the drawing by Lex Wilson
  4. Pipsmom

    I've lost my stride, need advice

    I've worked on this for three days off and on..I think I got it something like.... yeah I like that..... then next day I reopen and hate it..its fake, over worked I'm over lightening, over sharpening, blurring detail, blowing highlights...You name the mistake and I've made it ...grrrrr ...
  5. Christopher Careaga

    Dave Hill effect?

    I have been searching for quite some time for instructions on how to achieve this effect on photos. What I have come across has either been extremely convoluted/difficult or hasn't worked at all. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. See examples here...
  6. M

    After Effects Problems with the Preview & Start in AE

    Hey guys, I have two problems with Adobe After Effects and already searched for some days in the Internet to solve these problems, but so far nothing worked. 1. Problem: AE hangs on startup at 'Intializing MediaCore' and takes about 5 minutes or longer to start (a few days before it worked...
  7. agentmoeller

    Brushes This worked out nicely....

    I turned this tree into this brush.
  8. A

    I want to outline black border

    Hello, I want to outline my Rendered UVW Template, basically it's low poly object so I can't make outlines to the actual geometry, I will have to create many unwanted polygons for just for the outline. I have tried many of the photoshop's tools but nothing worked out for me. Those lines are...
  9. E

    Redrawing tapering off lines

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out a good way to delete some text off a background cleanly. I've tried content-aware fill but it just makes a mess of it in this case. Here's the image: It's the purple 'light' effect that I'm trying to redraw. I've tried using the clone stamp on an adjacent bunch...
  10. C

    Help I worked on the low res files

    I didn't see when i exported the JPG from RAW that it was on 6mp and limited to 1.5MB, I worked on the files about 8 hours in compositing and lucky i was to saved it as a PSB. Is there anyway to export the same files again to a higher resolution and somehow replace them with the current files...
  11. Z

    Star Wars ASN-121 Droid WIP

    Hey Guys Before I show, just to give some background to the ASN-121, it's the droid seen in the beginning of Star Wars Episode II, It's a modified courier droid that belonged to the ill fated assassin Zam Wesell. This was the concept I worked from: this was a render made after 3 and 1/2...
  12. Z

    Is this attached image is worked out one or original am curious to know.

    Is this attached image is worked out one or original am curious to know. One thing am sure is they used pattern over it. I even tried to play with hues saturation photo balance etc.. with out success. This is the image am talking about : This is the original Image i found on Google...
  13. Z

    What is your current/dream specialist design subject?

    Hey guys! I have a burning question for you all, this can apply to anyone on the forum, new and old, it's mainly a get to know you session, just to get an idea of who's who. -What is your specialist design subject? -Or what specialist subject are you currently working towards? -How did you...
  14. D

    transform issue

    Here's a picture of a pattern on top of another picture. I'm trying to transform the pattern (ctrl+T) in a perspective mode but it gives me the message you see on the screen. The problem is that I've done this before and it has worked. Am I missing something? I've noticed that it will work for...
  15. T

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone My name is Mustafe, and I come from south Europe. I study Electronic Engineer and currently trying to improve my skills in Photoshop! I also worked with Dreamviewer (including HTML Design) but that's in the past. Nice to meet everyone here, Greetings!
  16. M

    Need help to blend a photo

    Hello! I am a newbie and confused with these photoes. As you can see, first image is original and the other has been retouched in photoshop, which made it more beautiful. I would love to know the techniques. please tell me what I need to do to get the result like this. If it's okay, please send...
  17. Vafann

    I really worked hard on this one

    Puh! I really tried to try to be more patient and less sloppy on this one. It makes no sense of course lol. I think I at least need to crop it a bit, any other suggestions? I keep trying out almost all the suggestions I recieve around here, so if you have any advice please tell me.:)