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  1. iDad

    I'm not new. Crap, I'm old. Old member Old person.;)

    Just saying HI and touching base with anyone that remembers/still here. I'll try to say Hi more often or suggest help tips when I can.:mrgreen:
  2. B

    Name these seamless tile repeating patterns. How can I get or make them?

    What this kind of pattern is called and Where can i get it ? Gurus Please suggest .Please see the attached images. Thanks in advance :naughty::naughty: Pattern - 1 Pattern - 2 Pattern - 3
  3. B

    Remove off white background with white product

    I'm having problems removing an off white background for products with white in them, I've got lots to do and need a fast way of doing it, can anyone suggest what's the best way to do it?
  4. J

    suggest me best design

    hello all i am starts new website plzz suggest me the design Mod Edit: Please ask a more specific question and post a screen shot rather than a link. I'm also moving this thread to Web Design. Thanks.
  5. W

    What type of edit i can do in this pic. ?

    Hello, I am a PS user i need to edit this pic. He is a athlete and want to do some creative work. Can you guys suggest me how can i start with this photo. What type of photo should i edit. Thanks a lot Appreciate any help from you,
  6. N

    Illustrator Align drawing

    I am looking for a way to straighten a drawing. To illustrate, I want to get from this: to this: I have used rotation and skew tools and was able to achieve some results, however, it was not perfectly straight. Can you suggest how to make this transformation perfectly, not but eye? I...
  7. M

    Photoshop Composition: Tips on how to fix my images?

    Okay, so this is my image so far. I am not sure what to do next. I want to edit the image so that it doesn't look like I just pasted the two images on that beach background. What are tips you can suggest? I see harsh lines around the girl and pixels around the top of the house. I also see the...
  8. gautamz07

    T-Shirt edit for Shopping website

    Hey guys , wassup and how u all been ? I miss u all , i really do :D . check this below image out . basically its for a small ecommerce website , the thing is , it looks too dull and what i'd really like is to make it look a bit professional and bright . I did't try anything much , except...
  9. Z

    could someone suggest what to do next?

    there's the image, and it looks, kinda flat, and needs something in the background, i've already done 5 before this using a rather techy sort of backdrop, but i think if i was to do the same with this, it would obscure the text. any ideas? oh and please tell me if the text makes proper...
  10. S

    Please suggest me a User-Friendly Best Photo Editing software

    Hello Guys, i am new in here, and i need a software which should be user-friendly and simple.. Thanks.. :)