1. M

    Specific Deleting the sky background while the wires remain. #help

    Hello guys, i need a help. I have a crop image of a paraglider and i'm struggling to remove the background sky since i want the wires to remain. Can anybody suggest me how to do this or help me out?
  2. 0

    Brush Suggestions for this image

    Hi, I'm trying to recreate the brush effect used in the attached images. I'm struggling to find a brush which is similar enough to this - please could anyone suggest one? (apologies that the images aren't great resolution) Thanks!
  3. A

    photoshop tutorial suggestion for freelancer

    guys what should i know to become a photoshop freelancer and by the way i am new here i only know photoshop basics
  4. N

    Just started photoshop work

    hi, i am new to this community. i have started learning photoshop a month ago. i wanted to learn more and more. however, it requires time. so i needed advises and suggestion, i found this forum. of course, a community will help you. i hope people here kind and helpful Thanks Nafees
  5. flui1337

    Looking for a Team Logo.

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to make a logo for my team, Team Unbreakable. What I need is a simple logo to be honest, mainly focusing on the letters UBK. All I really need is the logo to be simple, and in 2D so that I can easily edit it for the team members. If you're able to do it, reply with...
  6. B

    creating a texture like the one in the image attached

    Hello everyone. can anyone give some suggestion on how to create a texture like the one in the pic attached. thanks
  7. B

    Photoshop program suggestion for website idea

    Hey everyone, I have an idea for a social networking site that I'm working on right now. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer, so I need to design a sample template of what I invision the website looking like, so I can pitch the idea to a few programmers that I know, and show them how I want...
  8. S

    Version suggestion

    Hey! On the left as you can see, there are these information under a persons avatar. Join Date Posts Thanks I suggest a custom info called "Photoshop Version" where people can give their own photoshop versions and others can see it. Isn't something real great but will look good as it's...
  9. M

    Not a suggestion but a congratulations

    I've ended up here after spending over 30 minutes trying to work out how to post on the official Adobe Photoshop forum. It took me about 2 minutes to sign up here and start posting, so congratulations for being so much more useful than Adobe's forum! On the Adobe forums you apparently post by...
  10. E

    I may have missed it but I did not see this section, so here's my suggestion

    I think it would be really cool if there was a business section on here for Photoshop. What I mean is a section that talks about the business applications that the software may have for entrepreneurs. One of the main reasons that I wanted to learn Photoshop was so that I can make some extra...