1. D

    "Winterising" people in a Winter picture

    So, I have a Winter landscape and I'm pasting a couple of pictures of people into it. The problem is that the pictures of the people were taken in Summer and we look in very rude health, bright and ruddy. I know how to "winterise" a landscape, i.e.: make a Summer landscape look like Winter, but...
  2. B

    Cover photo for house mix

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a promo picture for my house mix. The mix has summer written all over it so it would be cool to make something with some cool summer picture. Something along this lines...
  3. A

    Vampire enjoying Summer

    Sorry about this one, i was really bored today :bustagut:. Cheers!
  4. R

    qlimax summer 2016

    A poster for qlimax
  5. Eggy

    Challenge 29: BBQ Time!

    Ok, it is time to move on. Winter is long gone, spring has only a few day left (depending on where you live) and summer is coming. Traditionally summer is BBQ time. A time to eat and drink with family and friends and have a good time...but this can go wrong sometimes...:twisted: Use a picture of...
  6. D

    [Video Tutorial] Vintage Summer Colouring Photoshop CS5 - Cross Processing Tutorial

    My first attempt at a video since everyone has been asking me how I edit my images! :) Hope people like it, what im looking for is critique on it! Id love to know what people think I SHOULD be doing differently! :) (Ps Im not great at speaking on camera, dont be too harsh on me for that!!! :P )...
  7. iNoob

    photoshop gurus summer picture

    well ill give it a shot..
  8. CzoDesigns

    Business Summer School*Sibiu

    This is a poster, for an seminar from my country!