text tool

  1. EdSparxx

    New Text Tool Staying as Layer When Hitting Escape

    I would like to change the text tool back somehow. If I click with the T, then i get the lorem ipsum. I obviously didn't want that.... so I hit escape... Now I have a new text layer and there has to be a way to get this to go away. I did not want the text layer but I have to delete it. I want...
  2. S

    Photoshop - automatically changes letters

    Hello! I have a strange problem with text tool in Photoshop CS4. It changes one letter in a word automatically. Text is in polish and it changes only one letter (ć) for (ç) at the end of the word. But if I will write a double (ćć) only the last letter is changed! Moreover the font remains...
  3. O

    Use two colors on in text character at angle/slope?

    Hello, I am trying to find out how to use two colors on text but not just a horizontal seperation and more of a slope. I have searched the web but have not found any examples that show this. I have attacked a sloppy example in paint to give you an idea. Any help on how to do this would be...
  4. D

    Text box problem please help!!!!

    when writting in a text box whenever using punctuation it always go to the beginning of the sentence. FOR EXAMPLE (?what time is it) i have tried changing the text engine option to East Asian and then restarting photoshop, but when reopening my exisitng work, the problem still remains. However...
  5. N

    Auto carriage returns in Photoshop CS2 or CS4 text replacement variable data set?

    Does anyone know how to make Photoshop CS2 or CS4 automate the process of a carriage return within a variable text replacement data set. Basically I have a list of names which are in a ms excel csv file, which I’ve defined in CS4 to make a data set this allows me to create multiple duplicates of...