1. A

    Specific Make me hot

    Could you make me thinner and hot?
  2. M

    Creating Dots Similar to this Image

    Hey! I was wondering how to create a pattern like the dots on this van. I tried Googling it but couldn't find what I wanted. Basically I want the dots to go from thick to thin. Thanks
  3. A

    Can someone photoshop a thin choker around my neck?

    Please photoshop choker around my neck (fyi I am the girl) :)
  4. Paul

    RIP David Bowie - A manipulation

    David Bowie passed away today, one of my musical giants:sad: Manipulate this image in a way the Thin white duke would say yeah thats cool.
  5. N

    Turn photoshop file into PDF issue

    Hi folks, really basic one here I think but cant for the life of me figure out how to do it. Ive created a file for a catalogue in CS4 and its 1654 wide by 20736 high. When saving as a pdf the pdf opens to the full height every time making the image very thin. How do I get the pdf to open to...
  6. Godeshelm

    Editing thin, veiny infant skin

    Hi all, The reason I went looking for this site in the first place (which I'm very glad I did and should have done sooner) is because, as a newborn photographer, the most common difficulty I come across in editing my images is in correcting thin, veiny newborn skin. I find plenty of tutorials...