1. LemonLuuk

    Any tips and tricks for my artworks?

    I'm kinda struggling with making eyes as realistic as possible WITHOUT a drawing tablet. Because they are pretty expensive for me. So, here my question: Does anyone have any tips or tricks to improve the eyes?
  2. T

    Hello everyone Nice to meet you guys

    Hello my name is Thomas and I have a few years experience with photoshop but I still have a lot to learn. Been lurking around awhile but decided to join. Looking forward to learning some new tips and tricks. Thanks, T.
  3. C

    photoshop effect

    how did they put the picture of JESUS CHRIST in this photo using adobe photoshop
  4. M

    Martin from UK

    Hey guys, nice to be here. I'm an illustrator, I'm using cs4, and just for drawings. Happy to learn new tricks, feeling like I got stuck:) Thanks!
  5. LemonLuuk

    You guys like it?

    Tips and tricks?
  6. Eggy

    3D Turn 2D Beetle into 3D Beetle

    I'm learning every day. Turn a Jpeg 2D into a '3D' image. This is actually not really 3D but it tricks the eye a bit. Before After
  7. G


    Hello, I am a beginner in photoshop, so sorry in advance for the newby questions...I live in new york and I am french. Hope I will learn a few tricks and technics here.
  8. N

    Hello to you all

    Hi All Just registered and thought I would introduce myself. I'm a keen amateur photographer, I live in the UK and currently own a Canon 5D MKII and a whole host of studio gear. I'm hoping to pick up some useful tips and tricks here. I do have a requirement for a photoshop template at the...
  9. R

    hello friends

    Hey there, I work as a fulltime retoucher, went to school for photography, and have been using photoshop since ver 4. I've got a lot of knowledge and thoughts on techniques and tricks that I'd love to share, and I've got a few questions of my own! :cheesygrin: I got bored over a /r/photoshop...
  10. mocjack


    Hey there! My name is Jack and I am from Fiji. I am a genealogist and I recently started restoring "old" and damaged photographs for some of my clients. I am here to learn new techniques and "tips and tricks" to further my journey down this path. I hope to get to know you all well! Thank you!
  11. C


    Hi! I'm creator from Germany. I have been learning Photoshop by myself. I found Photoshop Gurus and it looks great. I use Photoshop CC and hope to learn a lot of new compositing tricks from you all. Thanks for let me in. Greetings :)
  12. M

    Hi From Indiana!

    I am a photo restoration artist in Trafalgar, Indiana, and am always on the look out for new ways of doing things in PS. I hope to learn a lot of new retouch and compositing tricks from you all. I've been working in PS for about 12 years now. Started out with PS CS (the first CS).
  13. LemonLuuk

    Leauge sig

    Tips and tricks please!
  14. LemonLuuk

    Ashe sig

    Tips and tricks are welcome!
  15. LemonLuuk

    My master work!

    I am so happy with this one! Tips and tricks are welcome!
  16. LemonLuuk

    Wiz Khalifa Avatar

    Tips and tricks are welcome!
  17. LemonLuuk

    Wiz khalfia Signature

    Tips and tricks are welcome!
  18. Rufkraft

    Greetings from Humboldt County, CA!

    Good day Yall! New member here- been using photoshop for a few years but just started getting serious about using it. Joined the community to hopefully learn some new tricks, share what I know, and take my design game to the next level. Looking forward to it. Thanks!
  19. M

    aussie novice

    hello everyone I'm a complete novice to photo shop' I'm and old dog trying to learn new tricks ,
  20. LemonLuuk

    Hello! I am Luuk. -Netherlands

    First i want to say my my english is not that good. Hello, my name is Luuk and im new to this forum. I was looking for a forum to post my new creations. Also i want to look for tips, tricks and tutorials.