1. Pipsmom

    Nik Color Effects Pro (Rambling) but true

    I love the Nik collection I really do ....but it's got a random glitch that drives me loopy but who can grumble when it's free... I use the Color Effects Pro in the classic soft mode for one friend whom I do a lot of pictures for of her dogs and today 18 touch ups of her new grand baby and she...
  2. L

    Trollshop this please. (

    Hello, i'm new here. This might seem like an odd request but hear me out. My friend was diagnosed for hodgkin's lymphoma a while ago. He has gone through chemo, and while the cancer was treated successfully for a couple of months, it came back full force. He's been fighting through it like a...
  3. C

    Not sure what to do.

    Ok, so this photo I am showing you is at a really bad angle (my first wedding shoot, My fault) The bride would like it to look like her mother isnt a gnome. Is there a way to fix this or am I stuck with my bad angle any and all help is awesome thanks. :)
  4. M


    Hello dear gurus. as a young guy i swore to myself i would never take a picture of myself in a bathroom. the night of new years eve was long and i was drunk. apparently, i found some photos of a boozed myself. punishment should be helpfull to remember myself to be more careful, even in drunk...
  5. Paul


    I made this, anyone help me sort the fuzz out:cry:
  6. Burned Ice

    photoshop troll website??? from this forum??

    this was verry weird, i got there by and i saw this, inclusif iDad comment!!!!! i was like WOW Photoshop Troll all those pic's are from this forum o.O pretty much lame pics, i'll post the iDad pic here: someone knew that guy? (except iDad) and iDad can you tell me more about...