1. A

    Specific Swap face in vehicle

    Hello, I'm sending you a few pictures. One of a truck and of my wife. I would like you to please replace the woman's face in the truck with my wife's face and could you make it realistic as if she were in the truck? Please let me know if you need a different picture of my wife thatll fit...
  2. Matt8444

    Truck swap

    Hey guys, im after a huge favour if anyone can assist. if someone has the time please could you put the yellow/white truck under the loader instead of the red one please? i would be hugely grateful thank you
  3. F

    Rims on truck idea

    I have a request to view some wheels on my new truck. The wheels I am looking at are attached (coys). I would like to see them on the trucks attached with various color combinations to match the truck such as. The key piece is the center caps, I am trying to add an old ford center cap to these...
  4. P

    Edit wheels of truck

    Hi guys, I'm trying to choose between different wheels for my rc truck, but I dont want to spend $20 and learn that it doesnt look good with the body. Here's the two wheels I'm trying to choose from. I added a nut for if needed
  5. D

    Blending help

    So, I'm in the middle of making a composite for a friend of mine. He's opening a food trailer business and he wanted to see what his truck and trailer would look like and to send something to investors. I really haven't had any luck finding the right background that I have in mind, but the one I...
  6. agentmoeller


    Was coming back from a MTB ride yesterday and I pulled up alongside this truck. Took me a couple seconds to realize I designed this logo!
  7. D

    Newbie trying to figure this out.

    Hey guys! Hope all is well! I've done numerous searches and maybe my wording isn't correct but I cannot find a definitive answer for what I'm trying to do. I have a photo of my fathers 18 wheeler and my mom and I are going to over haul his truck for a Christmas present. I'm a diesel mechanic and...
  8. B

    Help me choose color combinations for fixing my Grandpas old Truck.

    I just inherited my Grandpaws old 1978 Dodge Ramcharger and I'd like to see your take on color combos for either a paint job or wrap. I'd like the idea of leaving one of the colors and wrapping the other but I'm not opposed to changing the whole thing either. Looking for somewhat of a...
  9. P

    Need 6 logos converted to vector format for vehicle wrap

    Hello everyone, I am in a pinch and need to get a few logo's converted to vector for use in a vehicle wrap for our company truck. We are a small veteran owned business in Alaska and we will be bringing a few wounded vets out hunting this year. We are in the process of getting our truck...
  10. C

    Background image change.

    I am fairly new to photoshop I tried to do this myself but all the end results turned out horrible. Could someone change the background to one of the images by putting the truck in the back? I added four different photos of myself and 3 different images of the truck if because I didn't know...
  11. P

    how to change color of truck

    My friend has a young son and he (the son) wants the color of this truck tan. I'm sure someone could do it for me but I'd like to learn how one would do this. The red truck is the one we want to change to tan. The tan truck is the color we want the red truck. Thanks for any...
  12. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Truck

    This is an image form the unofficial and imaginary "Race across America" for steam powered vehicles. My composite doesn't show the leading truck, but certainly the most powerful one. Nervertheless two rare spectators enjoy the scene tremendously. Image links...
  13. chrisdesign

    Dangerous Truck Driving in the Desert

    I found the truck image here: and got inspired to create a composite. I googled the image of the dustclouds. This is the final image I created. Feel free to add comments or suggestions. I'm also open to your critique. Click to...
  14. D

    Funny Truck Graphic

    Someone sent this to me, Just thought I would share.