1. D

    Image Re-colouring/Retouching Request needed for Scientific Paper - Help!

    Hi all, I need a re-colouring/re-touching modification of images from 2 Figures attached here which I'm going to use for PhD thesis (for science!). I'll try my best to explain it clearly. Basically, we are not allowed to directly copy images/figures from other papers and must create our own...
  2. Eggy

    3D Blender - Tube Chair

    Just showing what I've done the last week...
  3. B

    Removing a feeding tube

    Hi all, I haven't posted here in quite some time, but I have a rather personal project that I'd like some advice on. This is a photo of my 17 year old nephew. He had leukemia and GvHD for about 10 years. He passed away in the hospital on Sept 5. We miss him greatly, but we're also happy he's...
  4. IamSam

    Winner of Challege 32 - Tube World

    Since there was a tie between chrisdesign and Helios, the decision for a winner was made by the PSG staff members. The winner of Challenge 32 - Tube world, is Helios. Congratulations Helios! Note: Be on the look out for some new changes to the challenge rules coming soon. These will be...
  5. hershy314

    Trip home

    Normally I look forward to trips back home, but this time it's a little different. This time I'm going up there cause my Dr wants an second opinion on something he saw in my last echo. For those who don't know, an echo is a device dr's use to see how a baby is developing inside the mother or in...
  6. Paul

    You Tube

    This is how to make a background for YouTube.:)