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  1. agentmoeller

    Photoshop randomly changing fonts!

    Hey all. Anyone ever seen, or heard of, anything like this? I am typing a letter to someone for a school assignment. I downloaded an old-fashioned handwriting font to use. Each time I switched to a different window, then back to Ps, it would start typing in Myriad Pro. On the attached screen...
  2. P

    Illustrator Help with joining paths and two other 'I should know this' questions.

    Hey everyone, right now I'm working on a project and I needed to join paths, but nothing seems to work. I wanted a rounded bump with sloping sides so I used three ellipses and deleted the two outer ones leaving their curved edges. But for some reason no matter what I select in the...
  3. S

    photoshop hangs when re sizing

    In order for my printer to print boarderless photos, there needs to be a 3mm boarder around the pic. What I have been doing is selecting the photo and resizing it in the top left by changing the percent size to milimeter size. Then subtracting 6 mm from the size and manually typing in that...
  4. L

    Type problem

    Hello, I haven't used PhotoShop for years so I'm like a newbie. Anyhow, I'm doing a favor for my cousin and she wants me to change some information on a certificate she received a while ago. I finally figured how how to do it with layers and so on but now when I try to type in the new...
  5. A

    No lowercase letters in CS6. Help?

    I just downloaded CS6 for a tech class in High school. One of our homework assignments is to try to duplicate a simple logo for a music artist, company, etc. I was trying to make the music artist deadmau5's logo, which is basically all lowercase letters in Arial black font with the spacing...
  6. ethan1178

    Keyboard (typing) Problems Help really annoying!

    Where to begin,Well i'm going to give examples. If i want to type Channel:I have to type it like this :Channel For it to appear like i want it.I just typed Duration: and it turned out to be :Duration on photoshop.The blinking Cursor always is behind the text like my typing is inverted....Tell me...