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    Specific Unbluring and enhancing picture quality of a Marmoset

    So a few days ago I took a picture of a Marmoset I work with but the picture came out blurred. Could somebody fix this please
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    Specific Read license number plate, someone hit my car

    Someone hit my car and i have cctv but the number plate is blurry can someone pretty please use their awesome photoshop skills to unblurry it to their best of abilities? Please read the licence number plate of the black Mitsubishi Ute that reversed onto my black mazda... They made a verrryyy...
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    How do you un-Blur an image?

    I think it's called "Sharpening", I've seen something online about it, but it had like 30 steps, and I didn't get it. Can some please explain how to do it? Thanks.