1. Tiffer73

    Made the jump from 5.5 to CC!!

    I've used Photoshop for many years until about 5 years ago when I dropped out of it for a while. Now I'm back and I've upgraded to CC! Some things are different but getting used to it! Thanks!
  2. B

    Hi From Dave

    Just started on here, I am comfortable using Photoshop, however have not yet upgraded to latest versions as I still prefer to use CS4...
  3. IamSam

    Your opinion of Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.3

    I'm not one for upgrades. When an OS is working well with the hardware you currently have, upgrading can often be a disaster. I have recently been considering a video editing program to help me with creating video tutorials. The program I want requires Mac OS 10.9 or better............. Mac OS...
  4. J

    I upgraded to Mac OS Yosemite as recommended. Now Photoshop won't open.

    I upgraded to Mac OS Yosemite as recommended. Now Photoshop won't open. Message reads, "An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred. Photoshop will now exit." I thank you in advance for any suggestions. If necessary I can go to a backup disc and recover files from last week. John
  5. A

    New member

    Hello everyone! I've been using Photoshop for about 10 years, but never upgraded beyond CS3 ($!) I also use Pixlr, Illustrator, and Paint ;)
  6. R

    Pixelated images

    I recently upgraded my hard drive and RAM. Now, when I open a photo in photoshop it looks extremely pixelated. If I make the image larger or smaller while in PS5 it looks normal. It also looks normal in CSbridge. Is there something that I missed when I upgraded? IT's extremely frustrating to try...