1. E

    Sending Client Emails

    Hello! I am a PC user and this question came about the other day when discussing with an Apple user how my email attachments arrives as part of the email and not on the side icons. When I use my Outlook, I select "attach this file" and that creates a bar above the email (where we type the...
  2. R

    Hello from Estonia!

    I am new here but have used photoshop last 8 years and I have attended in photoshop courses. I am nature photographer and I am using photoshop for my artwork. I am not a professional photoshop user and I have still much to learn. I hope to do it on your site :). With Best Wishes Raptoom
  3. J

    Newbie Light Intermediate user. Into Compositing.

    Hi there. I'm a self-taught beginner to intermediate ps user. Single mom who loves to make digital art in my free time. I'm looking to fill in my knowledge and connect with others, especially those who are compositing. I'm excited to learn and share!
  4. admin

    Activity Points and Levels for Existing Users have been Calculated

    Some of you may have noticed that your points and levels were not reflecting past activity in the new Activity & Awards system. This has now been fixed. Activity Points and Levels for all existing users have been calculated. All user profiles should now display the correct figures. Activity...
  5. admin

    New Forum Features: Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards

    We are pleased to announce that some major new features for the forum rolling out today. Photoshop Gurus Forum now has a system for Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards, and Trophies. These will be displayed on user profiles and posts in the forum, along with a leaderboard. You may...
  6. G

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone Look out I am a brand new user of Photoshop. So I know nothing I plan to be a casual user so will try not o trouble you too much
  7. P


    Hi, new user! I'm italian, I love this app but I have a problem with it, I hope you can help me:) Hi again!
  8. K

    Product Outlines/sketches for Use in User Manual

    Hi everyone, I've always wondered how these product outlines/sketches found in user manuals are created. I'm not a photoshop expert but I've tried YouTubing and Googling, but nothing really came up. These HAVE to be made using Photoshop, but the question is, how? Actual photo of the product
  9. R

    Becoming an Active Photoshop User and Forum Member

    Hi! I've been using Photoshop causally now for about 10 years, since about 2001. Honestly I'mstill a bit of novice, just not using the software to it's full potential. I'd been using CS2 for about the last five years and just recently upgraded to CS5 as I went to a System 7 computer. As I...
  10. E

    New user

    Hi guys, New to the forums, my names Adam and I'm using CS5 for photography manipulation and effects. Looking forwards to learning more!
  11. C

    Illustrator User interface of Illustrator is too small

    I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS5 on a Windows 7 machine with 1600x1200 and 1280x1024 of screen resolution (dual screen) and with a DPI of 125 percentages (was set as default). All controls (buttons, textboxes and so forth) are looking unclear and too small. How do I increase the size of the...
  12. Kratos Aurion

    A good Photoshop user needed!

    Can someone edit this for me Please change the text in both bubbles. Right side bubble should say: They call me Left side bubble should say : Dark King Rayleigh Effects: Similiar to this but light blue instead of the red. Size...
  13. cdubbleu

    New Guru...Long time PS user.

    Hello everyone! I have been a graphic designer for about 11 years. I have studied art and attended 3 different colleges, but never completed a degree :cheesygrin: I went to Columbus College of Art and Design, Lakeland Community College, and took courses at Full Sail University for 3D...
  14. M

    Hi all - new user.

    Hi all. Im new user on the site, and not a very experienced user in photoshop. I am from Denmark, 27 years old and working at Carlsberg :) Ill start out with my first question - is there a thread to make request? and how does the community respons to requests? Thanks guys. Thomas
  15. N

    Record Again User Prompt

    Hello all, I'm new to gurus. I've been using photoshop for awhile and am pretty capable at taking my snapshots and creating versions for:web 4x6 8x10 For my web photos, I have an action that writes text at the top and puts a drop shadow on the text. I was using CS2 and lately upgraded to...
  16. D

    Photoshop User Tv tutorials

    I cant embed the videos here but thought I would suggest watching these videos. They cover a wide ranges of things (not just photoshop). Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, RC and the others make learning really easy. Photoshop User TV
  17. Hoogle

    urgent need for admin / moderator we have a user creating multiple accounts filling p

    so far names are Tayyab Fajroo Muzaib meeiu
  18. FireWire

    Intermediate user, saying hi from Canada

    Hello everyone - just a quick and simple introduction: I am an enthusiast and amateur user of Photoshop (since version 6.0), and I have come here to ask for advice on my projects and learn new things along the way! Thanks for the welcome.