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    Brushes Who knows what brush this is, what preset it is from? It is a spatter watercolour?

    I found a brush preset I really liked, this jpeg shows one of them, some months later I now go to use this brush, and I am pretty sure I have clicked on every single brush Photoshop has, and I can’t find it. So does anyone recognize it and know what preset it is from? It’s kind of spatter and...
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    converting image to watercolour

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, and I would like to ask all of you for a help. In attachment I will show you two art watercolours. Actually it is a printed pictures on plotter, which is previously converted from ordinary photo to this pictures - watercolours. Actually, this is not typically type of...
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    Help restoring watercolour

    Hi all, Forum newbie here, just been looking around and am amazed at the talent on display in this forum. I've signed up to see if anybody can help me with the steps needed to restore the original colours from a 27 year old painting by my late Grandad. The frame has protected the edges of the...