1. C

    The Tiger

    This was done with my new Intuos, and wow so much better than my bamboo and my fingers retained their finger prints at last. I did do a short Video to this just showing some of the process, if you wanna take a look. Critiques welcomed :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpciicWMHto
  2. T

    Hello everyone!

    Hi! I'm happy to join this forum and I'm eager to see many manipulations and learn more about photoshop. Every help about using forums is welcomed :) Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
  3. C

    Remove the glare on this pic and remove the guy on the right

    hello, i am the black shirt guy and the camera's lens was bad when pic was taken. if someone can fix these, that would be really grateful any other tweaks are also welcomed. cheers
  4. Paul


    Latest offering critiques welcomed either way. :mrgreen:
  5. C

    Hello ^^

    i'm New Member i like photoshop (photomanipulation vexel ...) :happy: i'm a 21 years i'm from Marocco i'm happy because to join this Web Site i need new Bro new Sister new teacher :wave2: thanks ^^
  6. VgT

    Untitled new job

    My new job , tips always welcomed , enjoy it (:
  7. VgT

    Anime girl

    Hey guys , that's my new job , enjoy it :D Tips are always welcomed.
  8. Paul

    Re - Branded.

    before: after: Critiques welcomed:)
  9. K

    Blurred face ... can anything be done ?

    Hi. I did research on web, but did not find anything useful. I was hoping I can find some help here. I need to remove the blur from this pic for personal reasons. Any decent degree of blur removal or any modifications to make the face more recognizable are welcomed. I know the "this is not CSI"...
  10. D

    Ruins at night

    This is a composite of a pic I took with a planet and starfield I made. Critiques welcomed. What do you think/ how can I improve?