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Blurred face ... can anything be done ?

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Kell Jarmen

New Member
Hi. I did research on web, but did not find anything useful. I was hoping I can find some help here. I need to remove the blur from this pic for personal reasons. Any decent degree of blur removal or any modifications to make the face more recognizable are welcomed. I know the "this is not CSI" joke, but maybe something can be done. Thanks in advance.

a.jpg b.jpg
No, pixel loss is almost 100% - besides the first one as been enlarged as well as blurred out.
Paul is correct, and as you already know...no CSI filter set
Second one we've had in the past few days, photoshop can't find what's lost.
The answers to your request are accurate.

No matter what your "personal reasons" are...............the person in the image chose anonymity for their own reason!

Please contact the individual and ask for images that are not blurred out.

I'm closing this thread.
Not open for further replies.