1. miss.firestar

    Hi! Newbie here. Having problems with gif.

    Hi! I trust you are all well :) About me? I host the podcast and also create "tasteful artistic nudity" (hahaha I found that concept hilarious) Anyway...I am a artist and this is my first month working with Photoshop CC and as practice I am assigning myself projects... Hence why I joined the...
  2. Pipsmom

    Guys I need you

    Friends, I'm asking for a edit. I would do it myself but in no shape nor mind right now as I lost my son to a car wreck I'm asking my dear friends to do me a big favour. The family picture- remove the two standing in the background but try to keep the background color the same...
  3. T

    Hello and editing request.

    This is my first thread actually. I came up looking for help over editing layer masks and was redirected here by Google. A short introduction of myself, I am a medical science student from India and kind of a self-taught programmer. I was always interested with computers but I never liked...
  4. A

    Where can i find cute succubus wings templates for photoshop ?

    Hello !! I'm trying to do a montage for Halloween , I'd like to add succubus wings and vampire fangs to my pic here. and wings looking like these : Pleease help me, i've spent the whole morning looking for front facing succubus wings templates... but with no success, I'm desperate :'(
  5. Cindy Grundsten

    Friends Forever

    Anybody here as like rats? Well I do, I love all animals. And I also love to create artwork with animals. Here comes my latest artwork. And I loved to create this one. Some people maby dont like art like this, too childish maby, but it make me happy when I work on child and animal arts. I...