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  1. W

    Can you guys help me with photo

    Hello everyone, I hoped this that not a problem I am creating a new post. I have one problem with the picture, I am making this for my friend. I have this pic: And my friend would like to see what is there under this green/blue lines ? Can i make it this in photoshop ? I hope you can...
  2. U

    How do I create this popular lettering effect?

    Hey photoshop masters, So I see this effect quite a lot on Instagram and Facebook and I wish I knew how they do it: do you have any idea or tutorial for that? thanks :wink:
  3. S

    A Request to remove two objects

    Hi there. I Need to remove the people who are inside the pool and the guy standing on the top left corner (outside the pool). any help with that will be highly appreciated. Thanks! :wink:
  4. T

    Hello from hull

    Hello everybody Just joined & would like to say hello to everyone. only being playing with photoshop for a little bit but will try to help who i can where i can. :wink:
  5. H


    Hey Photoshop Gurus, I'm from the Philippines, I want to learn more about Photoshop and i really like the feel of this website :wink:
  6. Y


    can someone tell me what kind of filter this photo has or how to get photo to look like this :wink:
  7. Alexandria


    Can anyone tell me how this effect was done: Thanks in advance :wink:
  8. S

    Hi from Sarah in the UK

    Hi everyone, As the title suggests, my name is Sarah and I'm from the UK. I am an Amateur Photographer and Image Designer. I look forward to learning some new things and helping some people out too :wink:
  9. Y

    Constructive criticism welcome!

    Hi, I am very very new to this 'proper' photography game, I acquired my first DSLR camera at the beginning of November this year. However, I have been a keen snapper with my point and shoot for years. I really like black and white photography but find it impossible to evaluate my own work and...
  10. I

    T-Shirt Printing

    Any of you done any t-shirt printing before? I am thinking of doing some hobby printing and see if I can make a small income with it. I would be going for heat press transfers with a epson printer using pigment ink or sublimation ink to start with. Feel free to share your tips if you have any...