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  1. P

    Need a choker necklace on this woman

    I am new to photoshop and need any help I can get with this. I want to put the choker necklace on the woman with a bare neck and I'd like it to look as natural as possible. Thank you to everyone who can offer any assistance!
  2. B

    remove woman from background

    i would be so grateful to anyone who can remove the woman from this photo. this is a photo of my dog who is no longer living and i dont have many pictures of her. i would love to have this one without the person distracting from my dog. thank you
  3. Msainz

    Woman and elk

    please comment and critique thanks
  4. W

    Adding Headscarfs?

    Hello- I'm doing a project where I need to use the same photo under two different contexts. Is it possible to add a headscarf to the adult woman in each of these two photos? Thanks! .
  5. K


    Hello, can anyone photoshop the woman sitting poolside out of this photo? Thank you!
  6. S

    Can someone remove the woman walking in the lower left of the photo?

    Hello! Can someone remove the woman walking in the lower left of the photo? I would just crop the photo, but its been requested that I leave it in its original size as a wider shot. Thanks a million!
  7. B

    A bit of a challenge?

    The assignment is to alter this picture of a painting and basically remove the two naked women. If possible, the third woman in the background as well. Can you break it? Thanks in advance
  8. C

    Removal Of People Request.

    Hi everyone, Please could someone remove the woman & child to the left of this photo, I did have a go myself using a few different apps but the results looked smudgey lol Also is it possible to make the photo look more sunny?, this was the only day on our honeymoon in Florida that was grey...
  9. R

    Trying to Find a PSG Thread from Several Months Ago

    Perhaps six months ago, somebody posted a video tutorial for how to insert a woman with complicated hair into another image (it was an interior room of a house). Rather than selecting and extracting the woman and her hair, he placed the entire photo of her---including the background---onto the...
  10. D

    Please help me train my dragon!

    Hi all Bit of a weird one for you. Please use the dragon as background and incorporate the other four images into it. if possible, place the woman with the pearls on her neck closest to the dragon. I want to get the finished product printed on a set of pillowcases to gift my boss on her...
  11. gedstar

    Woman photoshops herself really badly into holiday snaps

    And is rewarded with her dream trip to china
  12. T

    Correct Proportions and Prespective in a simple composite photo?

    Hi, I'm new here, so hello :) I would like some help...I'm trying to create a simple composite photo where a woman is standing in a hotel room, facing the viewer. It is supposed to appear as if the viewer is standing in the room with her, facing her, like in first person view. I'm having...
  13. T

    Pop Quiz 2: Which Woman Isn't the Same Woman.. Photoshop Used?

    So this one is a little different than the first quiz, maybe not quite as Photoshop oriented, but because minor photoshop may have been used, I'm going to post it nonetheless.. The next Quiz will be a more pure photoshop quiz, this one is more facial recognition. The question is this: Of the...
  14. A

    My Snake Woman :)

    Hello everybody :) I introduce you to my snake woman :) What do you think? Have a great day :)
  15. K

    Transform a woman into an elf

    Photoshop Tutorial – Transform a woman into an elf Technique: Photo manipulation and Digital Painting Software: Photoshop Level: Intermediate 1 Tutorial Url:
  16. TheABP


    Spot Healing Brush Tool + Adjustment Layers :arrowu:
  17. Vafann

    Better letter woman

    I tried to make a typographic poster again trying to make something better than the one I did yesterday. I think that this turned out much better, though I´m still not completely satisfied and can see that it needs fixing in a lot of places, but I´m a little bit tired of it at the moment, and...
  18. Cindy Grundsten

    Marble Woman

    Hello I'm so happy today so I just have to tell you about it. I got a DD on Deviantart for my picture "Let No One Decide over your head" I knew nothing until I received congratulations on Facebook. Then I logged on Deviantart and saw it. I was both surprised and happy at the same time...