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  1. M

    How to make a photo look like this?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how to edit a photo to make it look like this. What effects she used in her photo and how to achieve them?
  2. K

    How can I recreate these images ?

    Hi.I was wondering how to create these images?
  3. A

    How do I replicate this design technique in Psd

    Hi, I wanted to try and replicate an artists design idea in photoshop but I'm wondering what's the best way to do it.
  4. DearStupid

    Editing picture taken from a screen

    Hello, everyone :) I want to edit a picture which was taken from a screen (my niece's picture from a photo booth's screen that we couldn't print) but I have absolutely no idea how to start restoring it. I was wondering if anyone knew where I should start? Thank you in advance!
  5. L

    Put the focus on me and my fiance and not the fence.

    Hi, I'm Caleb and I recently proposed to my girlfriend and my friend took pictures, but he isn't such a skilled photographer and focused on the wrong aspects of what was happening, this is one of the best pictures we got back and I was wondering if there was anyway you could get us into focus...
  6. Eggy

    3D Blender - using PNG's Alpha channel to apply labels

    As a test, because I was wondering how to do it Blender
  7. Pipsmom

    Reading Faint writing on old pictures

    I seem to run across this a lot lately but wondering how do you go about reading faint names written on old photos? I've tried everything on this one but still cant make out all the names...some too faint to even consider....... :question: Just wondering
  8. B

    Anyone knows the name of the style used in this pic?

    i was wondering if anyone knows the style used in this pic
  9. LemonLuuk

    Cover design. Need help.

    I am very happy with how it turned out but i'm wondering what do to with the text. Like giving it more depth. Tips?
  10. P

    Hi! Wondering if someone can help with a picture of myself.

    Hi! I'm wondering if someone would be able to a) make my face look not so sweaty. And b) possibly make my face look not as red. Greatly appreciated to anyone that helps me out!
  11. R

    my baby doesnt smile!

    We went for a recent family photoshoot and my daughter just would not smile during the family photos!! I have a couple of her from the shoot where she Is smiling but I was wondering if anyone could please please alter the photos so I have one with her smiling too! Thank you to anyone who has a...
  12. S

    Please help. Family photo

    Please can you help. Had family photo done of my son and his cousins. Got two photos but can't use either. Was wondering if anyone could swap bits round in them to make one amazing photo.
  13. M

    How to achieve this Distortion/Shaky Effect

    So I stumbled upon these particular mage and was wondering if this is possible with photoshop? Thank You
  14. R

    Photoshop question

    Hi guys, As you may have guessed: I am a photoshop newb. Now I have question about a certain cool style I recently saw on a website and I was wondering how you can make this. The style I mean is displayed on the image above. I really like how the transition has been done on the that...
  15. S

    Preparing picture to be printed

    My Client ask me to take a picture of his 10 acre farm which I did with a drone using mapping software. I merged 70 pictures in photoshop, and the picture was great, but my two problems are, the file was over 2 gigs and it won't save it, and I'm new to photoshop and I'm wondering if I need to...
  16. N

    Edit out the square

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could edit out the assistive touch that over the red case on my computer. I was also wondering if you there was anyway to get rid of the square number up at the top? Thank you so much!
  17. F

    After Effects Synching video with audio

    Hi, was wondering how this person got their video to work so well with the music. Example: Does anyone know how the above video was done?
  18. S

    Pregnant and need help with an awesome announcement photo :)

    Hi all! We're expecting our first baby.and super excited! We want a baby announcement photo with our three dogs (who are our 4 legged babies) but its impossible to get all of them together looking at me! (I've tried all month haha) I was wondering if anybody could put something together for us...
  19. M

    Quick line effect

    Wondering how to do the line effect here.
  20. H

    Do you think that the company name on the logo is too long?

    Hey! I tried to make a logo for appliance repair website . I am new to designing and have no prior knowledge of it. I was wondering if you can give me some advice on how to improve the logo. Thank you!