1. Inkz

    Designers Desk

    Anyone else relate to this or do you have a clean and tidy workspace?
  2. P

    Saving workspace does not save tool windows position

    Hi all, I work on 2 monitors. I set my tool windows to the other monitor in the order/size etc that I desire. I'll save a new workspace under windows>new workspace. When click off of photo shop to the finder or another app then return to photo shop, the tools are in the right order/size, but...
  3. pslane

    Layer showing different than my image

    I am doing a tutorial and after making a full page angle gradient, I am told to click Ctrl +Shift+ U to make it monochromatic. This shows on my layer palette but my workspace image did not change. Can you help me solve this? Thanks.. I have screen shots.
  4. P

    Resizing brushes floating panel that has gone too big out of the screen

    Hi, This is my first inquiry at this forum... so I take the opportunity to greet you all : ) I am having a quite absurd problem with my PS CS5: I have resized the floating brushes panel by mistake (the one that appears when you're using the brush / eraser tool and you right click on the...
  5. T

    Callapsing Window Problem

    hello. i have an issue where my workspace will not save its current state when i restart photoshop. everytime i open ps my layer window has callapsed. is there a way in which i can keep these windows expanded? i have attached an image illustrating my problem further. thanks.
  6. S

    Photoshop CS5 not saving Workspace???

    Hello there one and all. I recently did a upgrade to my PC and had to re-boot my system. I have Photoshop CS5 working fine and all, but one thing it is doing that it never did in the past is ... I set everything where I want them to be (History, Action Palette, etc, brushes, etc) it used to...
  7. LadyJemima

    Very frustrated: where do CS5.5 presets go?

    Right now, I'm setting up a brand new iMac with CS5.5. I had just gotten vaguely familiar with CS5 on my laptop, and I was hoping to simply copy and paste my Keyboard Shortcuts, Preferences, and Workspace files into the same folders on the new computer. Alas, the file setups are somewhat...