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    Changing the text of a logo

    Hello everyone. First of all, I want to thank to all of you that give up some of your time, work and nerves in order to please us, the ones that are missing some basic Photoshop skills. You da real MVP. Second of all, I would like to apologize for my english. Sorry, it's not my main language...
  2. B

    [Specific] Cover for a dj mix

    Hi everyone, I need a cover photo for my mix. Something along the lines (pictures below) where it should write: DJ BornA - House Mix Thanks in advance everyone :) http://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2016/06/09/980778/198ff9cc76f5a86ad1de61447a01a57b.jpg...
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    i am new member. I from Moldova

    Send me please a information about how i can write my questions in this forum. Thanks!!!
  4. Y

    Illustrator Request for direction, not directions. : )

    Hi folks, I have some vector images here and I want to recreate them for self-education purposes. Using CS6. Can you please list what skills and tools I would need to use to recreate these images? Please feel free to direct me to any websites or tutorials that have the info I want, but don't...
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    Hello guys!!

    Hello to all guys in the forums! I just joined and I hope to stay well on the forum! I write from italy!
  6. Z

    does anyone here write?

    heyloo people i was wondering if anyone on the forums liked writing or reading? i've written a few short stories and one 105 page long one which is under it's second draft. if anyone wants a read give us a heads up and i'll shoot the link to one of the short stories. for anyone who writes, so...
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    How do I write text on objects? I googled everywhere

    I am writing text on a picture of a road, and theres a bump I want to write text on it. How can I make the text take the curve of the bump? Also how do I distort or add an effect to the text somehow to make look as if it was taken with a low-res camera?