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  1. S

    help needed for xmas prints

    hello all, I am on here to hopefully receive some edits before turning some images into xmas present prints and canvases. thanks!
  2. J

    Clean up image

    Please could someone inprove the quality of this image so that the txt is easier to read. Thanks in advance merry xmas
  3. agentmoeller

    Star Wars Christmas Special

    A slightly upgraded version of a design I posted a while back. For Xmas!
  4. C

    photoshop out the tiny bit of white collar please

    Hi, we sadly lost our pet cat after 19 years with us. I want to put a nice picture in a frame for the family for xmas but there is a bit of white collar that sticks out with ruins the whole photo. Could someone get rid of it please so it just looks like black fur and whiskers if thats...
  5. G

    broken photo

    Hi I have a picture of my mother on her first communion day. Its the only photo she has of her self and it was damaged at some stage. It would mean a great deal to me if someone could help fix it. (in time for Xmas if possible) :) I have a 2400dpi scan of the photo. but it wont upload, i would...
  6. C

    PS request. Xmas present for girlfriend! :)

    Hey guys, at first, i hope u understand my english :D I wanna do a self-written-book with a self-created book-cover. But now I need help from you, please. I dont have any PS skills. I wanna put this text on the front of my book-cover. it should not be too corny, because its for my 23 aged...
  7. Paul

    Mash up xmas

    Ok this idea came via zees thread (thanks for spark mate):) I just added the weird to the weird, hope you like it? I call it - WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME. Try it's fun.
  8. iDad

    Xmas songs

    EnjoyBecky Kelley - Where's the Line to See Jesus - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - YouTube At the end of this one there are many more
  9. agentmoeller

    Xmas Cheese...

    I realize this is cheesy, but I was painting a snowman w/ my nina (just for fun) and didn't want it to go to waste! Any other Corel painters out there? I'm curious what brushes and brush types you like to use to get nice blending effects. Agent :cheesygrin: