1. C

    Annoying Hotspot

    New user here. HI! :) I'm still a complete novice with Photoshop despite having had it nearly a year. I have a photo which I need help with. There's a huge hotspot on the figure in the picture, can anyone help me remove? I've tried loads of things but it's not doing much good! :( I've tried...
  2. LemonLuuk

    Help me please.. im desperate.

    I can spend hours in photoshop and still end up with nothing. Im doing photoshop since 2010 for a hobby but im still having problems. Since my friends are being upcoming 'artist' and they ask me for making covers i want to do a good job but i cant. My mission for today was making a youtube logo...
  3. B

    How to load shapes into Photoshop?

    I'm trying to load vector shapes into Photoshop CS6 Extended and it's not working. I used this tutorial "Installing & Using Photoshop Custom Shapes"from the website ObsidianDawn, which I can't link in any way, shape, or form. I also used the unzip tutorial linked on the same page. I followed...