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  1. N

    CS5 Zooming Glitch

    Hi all. I have recently run into a problem when zooming in and out of files in PS CS5. When I am zoomed to 50%, 100%, 200% etc my lines appear smooth and clear, but when these values are changed even by 1% all lines (even vectors) become jagged and distorted. It's quite irritating when trying to...
  2. A

    Seeing things after zooming out

    So one would usually expect to AFTER ZOOMING IN to maybe discover some flaws that arent visible while zoomed out. But lately Ill be having the OPPOSITE happen. Ill be working with a file all the way zoomed in, and while it will look fine zoomed in(for example one color directly touching another...
  3. mdyusuf

    Where do I change the mouse settings for Adobe Photoshop

    Where do I change the mouse settings, such as getting scroll wheel to do the zooming in/out?
  4. E

    Zoom Problem!

    Im using latest version of photoshop cc and i just noticed the way it zooms is changed. I used to click and hold left click and drag mouse and it was zooming as long as as i drag it. Now i click and hold left click and drag mouse it zooms to the area i selected. Sorry if i couldnt describe...
  5. F

    Zooming within Color Range

    Is it possible to zoom in / out of my image while using the Color Range ?
  6. IceflowStudios

    Photoshop's "Bird's Eye View"

    Bird's Eye View in Photoshop allows you to easily zoom out and pan to a new area while you're working on a high res image. This can certainly save you a bit of time while editing! New tips every Thursday!
  7. YahyaK

    Zooming in

    I want to know if there is a way of zooming in without losing the image quality?