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Where do I change the mouse settings for Adobe Photoshop


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Where do I change the mouse settings, such as getting scroll wheel to do the zooming in/out?
Go to Photoshop > Preferences > General > tick the box for "Zoom with scroll wheel".
Thank you Sam place, never mind, I have another question to your question is photoshop problems with graphic card and Scrubby zooming and some time photoshop cc 2015 crash do you have a any permanent solution?
Yeah, another forum because I fell trobel adobe photoshop when Thomas ask to my questions that's why I ask you.
If you are referring to my PM to you a couple of months ago, please re-read it carefully. I never criticized you asking questions, but rather I pointed out that many of your comments in response to other people's questions were completely irrelevant to the question being asked, and for this reason, I had deleted some of your one or two word comments. I furthermore suggested to you that in the future, you should post a response to a technical question *only if* you can actually contribute to the discussion.

Tom M