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2 New Tutorials are up!


Two new tutorials are up now!

"Classy Glass Web Buttons" and "Simple Chrome".
You can check 'em both out here!
Here's a sample of just some of the types of looks the button effect can have. [honesty]

Have fun! :perfect:
Whoa, thoes image look awesome. I am gonna check out these tutorials.

I tried it out and boy is it an awesome tutorial.

Here is what I ended up with. I think I am gonna go through again and see what else I can do.

looks nice Sanby....... think I am gonna have to check it out :D
thanks Mark :perfect:
Hey thanks Sanby, that looks great. Least i know now that the steps are understandable. :perfect:

Look like you forgot to add the specular highlight below the button Sanby...? Did you do that on purpose? I'm talking about the bright spot that sits partially on the shadow and the bg.
Yeah, I know, I had to go do something else so I left it at that.

Awesome Mark! :perfect: :perfect: :perfect:
Sanby... very impressive results!!!! :perfect: And I just know that you're going to put this technique to good use on your website! ;)
just had a go at it myself...............
top left is at the end of the first stage then bottom left is at the end of the extras the others...... just messing he he he
Wow, those are great. I love that bottom right one. Excellent!

thanks Sanby gonna head off now and do the other new tute he he he
and the motion trail tute he he he
this is so much fun! B7
Yeah, great stuff! good job of combining two awesome tutes.

Mark, what colours did you use for the one in the top right? That has a really sweet polished rock look.

:perfect: :perfect: :perfect: Awesome results there, Sue & Rick! :D :D :D