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Specific 90s theme request

Hey guru's I have a fun request!
I'm looking to have a logo made in a 90s colourful kind of way. I need the logo to say fresh in script font, here are some examples of the font Screenshot_2019-01-03-06-11-05~2.png Screenshot_2019-01-03-06-10-56~2.png
And here are some examples of the "colours" I was talking about. Screenshot_2019-01-02-17-49-13~2.png
Let your creativity fly 😊 think fresh prince of Bel air Hahaha thanks guru's
I may be way off your expectations, but it might be more helpful to those who participate if you are a little more specific. Maybe you could specify the name of the font, the texture you require, colour scheme, background? Here I include a Giraffe and Zebra textures.