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Actions Actions not working properly

Ruidoso Bill

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Ok, switched to SSD, new Wacom tablet reinstalled everything. Some of my actions work about 50% of time, especially my auto align layers. I have redone the action (several times) and still no luck. When it doesn't work the auto align windows pops up and it hangs with about 30% progress. It falis whether initiated by wacom button or keyboard, it is assigned F10. it does select both layers and then hangs up. If it hangs and I manually select auto align everything works fine. Like I stated the next time I press the button for the action it works fine. Also my vertical guides won't stay stuck on the right third of the image. If I drag one mid way and use the move tool works fine, this is driving me nuts! Any suggestions appreciated. Messing up my workflow. Of course this is when I export layers from Lightroom to Photoshop.