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Paid Adding a pregnancy test to my picture for an April fools prank 10$

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I need someone to add me holding a clear positive pregnancy test to my left hand. I have 3 pics of me one holding a makeup tube that you can replace with the pregnancy test and one of my holding nothing to add the pregnancy test. And lastly examples1000003509.png1000003510.jpg of a positive prego test, but you can use any one you like if it's easier, as long as you can clearly see it says pregnant when added to my hand. Also, 1000003506.jpg1000003508.jpguse which ever pic of me is easier to add the pregnancy test too. It's an April fools day joke I'm planning on doing to my boyfriend who doesn't want to have kids and neither do I at the moment. Obviously I'll tell him it was a joke after I see his reaction lol. I can pay 10$. And would like these images to stay private and not be used by anyone other than me please.
Hows this
Im not very sure about the size so let me know if its not accurate.

1000003508 -1.jpg
Bare in mind guys, in order for this to be believable, you will have to reverse the writing on the pregnancy test as this is a "mirror" selfie and everything is in reverse.
Here are some better pictures that are not taken in the mirror. If you can add a clear positive pregnancy test picture to my hand please and thank you!
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