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Specific Adding text to image


New Member
Hello all!

I would like to have the quote from the Bojack Horseman series added above image below:

It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day. That's the hard part. But it does get easier.

Font should be a good one for quotes. I was thinking about Playfair Display but it can be another one too, feel free!

Could you make one with all letters capitalized and another with only the first letter of each sentence capitalized please? Not sure what would give the best effect..

I think black should be fine but it can be another high contrasting colour too (dark brown?).

Background also the green of the grass.

Thanks in advance!

Correction. The text box chopped off some of the words in the second version. Sorry.

View attachment 141913

Looks great!

Would it be possible to have each sentence on a separate line, centralized under each other on this one?

Also add a few grass drawings please: at the right side of the pic at the height of his ear there is some open space (1 or 2 is ok).

Thanks in advance again!
Playfair display font. Black text Regular and caps.


Playfair display font. Black text Regular and caps.
Great job!

Would it be possible to have these 2 also with bold text? I think we will have the final result then :)

Small remark regarding the text: please change thats into that's in both images.
Also remove the space between the word 'part' and the dot in the caps image.

Thanks in advance again!