Adjustments Layer shows wrong icon

When I click on the "Add Adjustments Layer" on the bottom right, it adds the layer ok in the browser. My question is why does the icon for the new layer not always represent the kind of adjustment layer that I just added.

In the attachement, I added a Levels adjustment layer, but it shows the round "half-moon" sorta looking icon in the browser.

I have noticed that on some of my PSD files, sometimes I have the little round icon and sometimes I have the correct icon for the adjustment layer that I have added.

Is this correct? Is it a setting that I have tripped over, or maybe this indicates something else.




I tried reproduding I think you can click on the icon, right click and select view small or large thumbnail????


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Hey iDad, I have been trying for over an hour to reproduce this and I can't! Did you find a way?


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Sorry, bad communication on my part. I'm referring to getting just the half moon icon to appear in the layers panel after adding an adjustment layer. Mine always adds this.........

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 1.08.04 PM.png
Thanks for that. If I RC on the icon and choose "No Icon" then you are correct, I dont see what I expect.

The next time I see this issue, I will see if this is the case. I just tried creating 10 new documents with adjustment layers and they all worked correctly.

Thanks again !!